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1. our team:
Apollo always believe R&D skills are the ultimate decisive force of enterprise development. Under the leadership of CEO Jack, we have constantly carry on systematizing training, acquiring the latest knowledge. Also, we have been worked very closely with our sales team. They will Investigate the latest market and feed us back the newset information, then we have an examination and decide which models to research. On this basis, we will develop 15 new models each month.


2. Our Equip:
We have been investing heavily on our R&D equipment:
▲ We have 525 original laptops(constantly updated), all the batteries will go throuth the original laptop inspection before shipment.
▲ We bring in two Japan automatic chip mounter so as to make sure that each piece of PCB board meticulous workmanship and stable function.
▲ We developed our laptop battery aging tester independently, and we can aging 1600 different laptop models simultaneously.
▲ We have a sophisticated PCB and finished-product tester, all products will go throuth 11 checking channals before going out.
▲ The company has its own independent mold room, most of the mold were developed by ourselves.


3. Product Series:
At present, we can produce the following model:
Laptop battery, camera battery,Camcorder battery, mobile phone battery and more models.


4. We promise:
We believe that quality is the core element of every enterprise and we promise to provide every customer the perfect products.

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