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What is the nominal voltage, current 

First, power adapter (hereinafter referred to as power) of the nominal voltage and current mean? First of all, the general power supply nominal voltage, the output is open circuit voltage, which is not connected to any load-out, no current output when the voltage, so it can be understood as, this voltage is the maximum power output voltage. IBM | THINKPAD | parallel notebook | server | monitor | MOLO | Latest Price | IBM Servers Data | IBM laptop data 
    For internal use of the active power regulator component of the case, even if the utility voltage fluctuations, the output is a constant value, as the market generally small transformer, such as music players like the distribution of power, if the mains fluctuations The resulting power output will fluctuations. wap.winwap.com.cnwww.wlkj.net 
     In general, ordinary power adapter is not necessarily true no-load voltage and nominal voltage of exactly the same as the characteristics of electronic components can not be completely consistent, so there is some error, the smaller the error, the consistency requirements of electronic components more high production cost is high, so the price was also more expensive. Chongqing, the future of technology
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