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Universal Laptop Car Adapter

Name: Universal Laptop Car Adapter

model: 40W

Standard: 40W-D-LCD

Product description

Input: DC11-32V     full-voltage
Output: DC9-24V        40W
Standard Equipped With 8 DC Tips
With LED display on the cable

Compatible model:
1: 19V 2.1A     2.5*0.7 FOR ASUS
2: 12V 3A     4.8*1.7 FOR ASUS
3: 9.5V 2.315A    4.8*1.7 FOR ASUS
4: 20V 2A    5.5*2.5 FOR MSI/LENOVO/LS/DELTA
5: 19V 1.58A   5.5*1.5 FOR acer
6: 19.5V 2A     6.0*4.4 FOR sony
7: 19V 1.58A      4.0*1.7 FOR HP
8: 19V 2.1A      5.5*3.0 FOR SAMSUNG

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