Old-for-new battery service, to be Environmental Protection Expert
Old-for-new battery service, to be Environmental Protection Expert

Huang Na, who is from Shenzhen Evening News, reported that  a conservative estimation of the annual usage amount of battery in Shenzhen is more than 4 million, disclosed by an insider. While during the May Day holiday, as long as the citizens participate in Shenzhen Guomei Appliance 18 chain stores to support environmental protection, old-for-new service activity, can also be a environmental protection expert.


So APOLLO, as the leading camera battery manufacturer in China, together with Guomei hold this activity in May for whole month. Citizens only need to take their old and useless batteries (camera and camcorder batteries) to any of the 18 chain stores of Guomei Appliance, such as Nanshan Yitian Plaza Store, to get a new one. During this activity, any brands of useless batteries can be converted into money first and get a new battery. If the consumer can provide the kept invoice which they purchased the LVSUN batteries in Guomei before, then they could get a free same model battery directly from APOLLO.

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